Scare Up Some Halloween Fun

Scare Up Some Halloween Fun

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Start with Decor

One huge one, or lots of smaller ones? Traditional orange, or a mix of colors? How about some gourds in all kinds of crazy shapes? No matter which gourds or pumpkins you choose, it’s easy to create a beautiful fall display by arranging them on a front porch or windowsill. Choose a few that you’ll turn into jack-o’-lanterns, then plan a time to carve your masterpieces!

Host a Pumpkin Contest

Gather friends and family outdoors or on a video call for a pumpkin carving contest. Give prizes like small toys or bags of candy for the scariest, cutest, funniest or most original designs. Get inspired with these fun printable templates; they’re great for carving or even painting! And remember: kids can design their jack-o’-lanterns, but grown-ups should wield the knives.

Check out our pumpkin carving patterns here!

Bake Something Bewitching

Now that you’ve worked up an appetite decorating your pumpkins, it’s time to feast on a pumpkin-inspired treat! Try making one of these Halloween-themed desserts for a treat that everyone will love. For easy Halloween cupcakes, decorate a batch of cupcakes with orange frosting, then create jack-o’-lantern faces using sprinkles or candies. These recipes for Mini Pumpkin Pies or a Gluten-Free Pumpkin Roll are also delicious and festive options that will please even the pickiest of pumpkin eaters.

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Save the Seeds

While you’re carving your pumpkins, remember to save the seeds! Pumpkin seeds can be dried and roasted for a delicious crunchy snack. First, rinse and dry your pumpkin seeds, then start with this basic recipe. Feel free to improvise with your favorite seasonings – even simple salt and pepper can be delish! These seeds are perfect as a seasonal snack or an addition to salads.

The Fun Continues After Dark

Light your jack-o’-lanterns and get ready to get spooky! Here are some fun ideas for Halloween-themed family fun nights.

Spooky Storytime

One person starts the story: “It was a dark and stormy Halloween night…” Then, have the next person add to the story with a sentence or two, going person by person until everyone has had a turn to add to the plot. See how long you can keep it going until it becomes so silly (or scary!) that the story comes to an end.

Monster movie marathon

Gather your family for a movie night and screen classics like “Frankenstein” or “Godzilla.” Too scary? How about “Casper,” “ET,” or “Hotel Transylvania”? Don’t forget the popcorn!

Candy, Candy, Candy

Have we mentioned candy? Don’t forget to have plenty on hand for Halloween fun this year. You’ll find all your favorites — plus Halloween décor, party ware, snacks and more — at The Kroger Co. Family of Stores.

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