What to Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

Publish Date August 25, 2023 6 Minute Read

Halloween Was Fun. Now What?

We’ve all been there. The steady stream of trick-or-treaters who wiped out your candy bowl last year was just a trickle this time, leaving you with more candy than you can possibly eat. Or your kids figured out the right route to hit the mother lode, and staggered home carrying their bodyweight in candy. Even your favorite candy can get tiresome after a few days of enjoying some after each meal. Not to mention, your kids are bouncing off the walls from sugar overload and your pants are starting to feel a little tight. We all love Halloween candy, but once the decorations have been put away, the endless supply needs to be dealt with. So what can you do with all your leftover Halloween candy?

Donate Your Halloween Candy for a Good Cause

Look around your community for places to donate your bountiful treats. Many homeless shelters, food shelves and senior homes are open to accepting your extra candy, so give them a call. It’s a great way to brighten someone’s day.

Operation Shoebox sends candy to the troops overseas. Halloween Candy Buyback does this too. Simply Google to see if there’s an operation in your area: MoveAmericaForward.org/halloween-candy-buyback-program/

Kroger also has ways to donate at Zero Hunger | Zero Waste.

What’s the Best Way to Store Leftover Halloween Candy?

If you’ve got room in the freezer, just freeze your candy right in the bag. Most candy will last indefinitely, and popping some in a lunchbox or backpack makes for an easy treat during the school year. Come summer, frozen candy is a cool treat on its own, especially candy bars, peppermint patties and peanut butter cups. You can also chop your candy and freeze it to use as an ice cream topping or cookie add-in later.

Save Leftover Halloween Candy for Parties and Piñatas.

You can always put a bowl of snack-sized candy out when guests come over; just let your frozen candy thaw at room temperature for a couple of hours before serving. If you want to get creative, consider making a candy and snack board, arranging sliced bars, cookies and snack foods on a wooden board. For a fun kids’ party, fill a piñata and share the bounty.

Leftover Halloween Chocolate Bars Are Great For Barks or Dipping

If you have a good haul of milk or dark chocolate bars, save them for melting. You can make your own barks studded with chopped candy, nuts, pretzels or cookies. Try our Thanksgiving Bark recipe, and use your chocolate instead of chocolate chips. Strawberries or orange sections become a classy dessert when dipped in melted chocolate. Or freeze banana halves or slices to drizzle with chocolate for a healthy frozen treat.

Turn Leftover Halloween Candy Into Ice Cream Treats

If you’ve got a home soft-serve maker, your favorite Halloween candy is a perfect add-in. Chop peanut butter cups, chocolate bars or other candies and store them in freezer bags for toppings galore. If you don’t have a special machine, use a blender to make your own mixed sundae with vanilla ice cream and chopped candy, blended until thick.

Feature Your Best Halloween Candy in Cookies and Snacks

Your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe is a good starting point; just sub 2 cups of chopped candy bars for a bag of chocolate chips. Or stir candy into Rice Krispy treats just before pressing in the pan. Monster Cookie Granola Bites are a healthy snack with some mini-peanut butter cups stirred in to make them irresistible. You could also try making Halloween Candy Muddy Buddies or Halloween Candy Cake.

There’s Lots to do with Halloween Candy

With all these options, you know leftover candy won’t go to waste. Go ahead and buy what you need for the big night. Trick-or-treaters might wipe out your supply, and if you have any left, you have plenty of ways to put it to good use. For more Halloween candy tips and tricks, check out our Halloween shop and our Halloween blog.

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