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Vitacost Neem Leaf Powder - Non-GMO

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NEW! Ancient wisdom. Holistic health.

  • Non-GMO neem leaf
  • Antiseptic qualities make it ideal for skin care
  • A popular ingredient in soaps, lotions & toothpastes
  • Considered cooling and soothing in traditional Ayurvedic practices
  • No additives or preservatives

An ancient Indian treasure, neem (Azadirachta indica)—also called Indian lilac—is a tropical tree that grows mainly throughout India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Its bark, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds are used traditionally in cooking, body care and Ayurvedic health practices.

Bitter and cooling, neem leaves have antiseptic qualities which make them useful for warding off garden pests or cleansing the skin and scalp. While neem oil is commonly used for skin care, neem leaf can be ground into a powder and mixed into a paste that works well for DIY facials or dental care.

How to enjoy it:

Ayurvedic facial mask: After grinding leaves into a powder, combine 1 tablespoon of powder with enough water (use olive oil for dry skin) to make a paste. Apply to skin and let sit for 10 to 20 minutes; rinse clean.

Ayurvedic hair cleanser: After griding leaves into a powder, combine 1 tablespoon of powder with 2 tablespoons each of amla and shikaki powders; add water to form a paste. Apply paste to hair and let sit for 15 minutes; rinse clean with cool water.

Soothing tea: In large saucepan, combine 2 teaspoons of neem leaves with 3 cups of water; boil until tea is reduced to 2 cups. Strain and serve. Tea will be bitter, so sweeten with honey or sweetener of choice to taste.