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Victor® Hold-Fast Rat Glue Traps

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Victor Hold-Fast Rat Glue Traps attract and securely hold rats, mice, snakes, and insects with their long-lasting formula. Each trap comes pre-baited with peanut butter scent to attract these pests. Once they venture onto the glue, the glue holds them securely until you are ready to dispose of the trap. To set your trap, simply place and wait for the trap to do the work for you. Not only are the Victor Hold-Fast Rat Glue Traps effective, but they are versatile as well. Each trap can be folded to fit into nearly any space in your home. Simply bend the trap to fit in or around areas where you’ve noticed pest activity such as near appliances, under furniture, and in corners of rooms. The glue traps can also be folded into a tent shape to prevent dirt, dust, or debris from settling on the trap. This also helps to reduce the chance of children and pets touching the sticky surface.

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