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Sprout Living Equivalent™ Mocha Drinkable Oats

8 ct / 1.7 ozUPC: 0085245700737
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Gluten free oat flour • pea protein • heirloom red banana •cacao • freeze-dried coffee • maca.

Cinnamon • coconut crystals • sunflower seed protein • pumpkin seed protein • golden flaxseed.

Whole food vitamins • sea buckthorn • Himalayan pink sea salt • white mushroom • stevia leaf.

The Mocha combines nutritious organic oats and whole food vitamins with freeze-dried coffee, raw cacao, and adaptogenic maca for a powerful drink that tastes like a rich and robust café mocha - all in a convenient, on-the-go powder.

The single serving packet is equivalent to:

+1 cup of coffee (60 mg caffeine

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