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Sea Fare Pacific Albacore Tuna Smoked

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Once-Cooked Tuna

Most commercial tuna has been cooked twice to make processing easier, which unfortunately depletes much of the fish''s natural, nutritional value. Sea Fare Pacific''s™ Albacore tuna is prepared by hand at ice-cold temperatures before being cooked just once, preserving a home-canned fresh taste and 6 times more of the tuna''s omega 3. So when you open the pouch you will simply find wholesome Albacore delight. Enjoy!

  • Certified Sustainable Fisheries
  • Wholesome & Nutritious
  • Quick Protein in Every Bite
  • No Fillers or Preservatives

Pacific caught tuna along the U.S. coast are proven to have no mercury concerns.

Smoked: Can something this healthy really taste SO GOOD? The alder smoked albacore is a true delicacy right out of the pouch! Try this healthy snack when you''re on the go and expect something special.

The Pouch - Fresher than a can and better for the environment

Protective Seal • Aluminum Foil • Nylon Barrier • Polypropilene Lining