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Pure Indian Foods Grass-Fed & Organic Cultured Ghee

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One of the traditional processes of making ghee involves culturing cream before churning it into butter and then clarifying into ghee, and we make this product by following this age-old and time-honored practice. It is not a source of live and active cultures. As always, our ghee is made from milk obtained only during the spring and fall w hen the cows are on the pasture eating rapidly growing fresh, green grass.

It has a high smoke point (485°F) and it won''t burn like butter. Use it as a spread, or in place of oil or butter in your cooking. Perfect for sautés, stir-fries, sauces, and baking. Pack it up for traveling, camping, picnicking, and hiking - it''s shelf-stable and doesn''t require refrigeration.

Ghee handles heat very well, and any melting in the jar during transit is safe and fine. A layer of liquid ghee may form on top of the jar and grainy texture ghee at he bottom, causing it to have a "separated" appearance. This is perfectly normal. Simply stir before using.

We make this cultured ghee with love and care, and hope you will enjoy it.

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