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Nosh Baby Munchables Dippers - Banana & Mango Wafers with Apple, Pear, Guava & Mango Puree

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Munchable and Dip Banana & Mango 26-Piece Box

Introduce your baby to new textures and tastes with the Nosh Baby Munchable Banana Mango Teether, with Pear Guava Mango Puree. These quick-dissolving, organic rice wafers are delicately paired with pear guava mango puree to expose baby''s tastes buds to delicious foodie flavors. These snacks are the perfect size and shape for little hands to hold, encouraging self-feeding and promoting hand-to-mouth motor skill development. Perfect for on-the-go,  the Nosh Baby Munchable Dippers Organic Teething Wafers & Purees are packaged in convenient single serve portions making snack time quick and easy.

  • Quick dissolving first baby snack; No teeth  required
  • Perfectly paired wafer and puree introduce new flavors
  • Easy-to-hold wafer encourages self-feeding
  • Fun, interactive and dippable snack
  • Organic, premium ingredients with foodie flavors

Organic & Yummy

We Got Them All

At Nosh, we believe in giving only the best to your baby. We Collaborate with Want Want Group, the best bakers with over 30 years of experience making rice snacks for 23 countries around the world. This product is proudly made with premium non-GMO Japonica rice with absolutely no artificial colors or flavorings. Always baked, never fried, and made without the eight common allegers Baby Munchables™ is the perfect first snack for a teething baby.

Our delectable dips are made from organic fruit purees. Creates through a special blending process to seal in the flavors, we have that perfect snack combo for your little foodies in the making.