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Plants vs Rocks - Plant based minerals differ elementally and structurally from mined minerals

Marine vegetation is richer in minerals than vegetation from the land. Plant based sea minerals'' unique porous honeycombed vegetative cell structure gives it a number of significant benefits from it''s chemical behaviour to its absorption.

A unique trace mineral profile is gained from its marine source. The elements are at trace quantities within a multi-mineral matrix working synergistically to deliver a powerful boost to the action of calcium and magnesium.

The True Nature of Our Standards goes way beyond the norm...™

Harvested in the cool, clean and pristine waters off the coast of Iceland, Aquamin''s® Red Algae and Seawater Marine Calcium, Magnesium and Multi-Mineral Complex supplies bio-active calcium, magnesium, and 72 other trace minerals.

In an area untouched by industry, the warm waters of the gulfstream meet the cold clean waters of the arctic and the perfect conditions exist for Red Algae to build up.

Supported by a significant and growing body of scientific publications, Aquamin''s® unique matrix of trace minerals works synergistically together to give a powerful boost to calcium and magnesium''s bioactivity.