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Kidney Care supports healthy urinary function, kidney function and efficiency, and helps maintain a normal balance of fluids in your body.

Kidney Care

Maintaining healthy kidneys is essential to good health. Tiny units in the kidneys called nephrons act as filters and facilitate a complicated chemical exchange as waste and water leave the blood. In the nephrons a minute blood vessel or capillary called a glomerulus intertwines with a tiny urine-collecting tubule. These help the kidney measure out and release back into the blood stream essential chemicals like phosphorus, potassium, and sodium. In this way, the kidneys regulate and balance the body’s levels of these substances, which is necessary for the overall healthy function of the entire system.

Symptoms of poorly functioning kidneys include:

• Difficulty urinating

• Loss of appetite

• Back or side pain

• Muscle cramps

• Nausea and vomiting

• Swollen or numb extremities

Check with your health care professional if you feel you might be experiencing a problem with your kidneys.

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