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Stiffness in the joints

When joints become arthritic they are inflamed, stiff, enlarged and often interfere with the normal flow of blood. Unfortunately, this decreases the body''s natural ability to maintain healthy joints and can bring on degenerative changes. In addition, the aging process, coupled with years of  use and abuse, as well as nutritional deficiencies, may also bring on degenerative changes in our joints and even impairs  the body''s natural ability to repair cartilage.

Healthy Joints are important

Your joints literally keep you body or human frame together. From your head to your toes, joints l ink your 206 bones enable your body to be flexible, and enable your muscles to maneuver into thousands of positions. From age 34 to 55 men and women suffer equally, while women are more likely to have joint issues after the age of 55. Because of early strenuous physical activities men suffer from joint problems more than women up to the age of 34. However, both often find an increase of symptoms as they age.

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