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Teeth whitening ingredients matter. Like you, we care about what goes into our products and our bodies. Take a close look at our ingredients and our claims and see for yourself why we have the best take-home formula available. Our formula is vegan-friendly and only tested on willing humans. Animals don’t whiten their teeth, so why test on them? Hydrogen Peroxide Free. Hydrogen Peroxide can irritate the gums and is harsh on crowns and fillings. This is not an election campaign, so we try to be as nice as possible. Glycerinis included for its effectiveness at delivering teeth whitening agents deep into the enamel, providing fast results. Sodium Bicarbonatealso known as baking soda, is how we naturally whiten and clean your teeth. We wish eating cakes did the same thing. We are working on that, till then we will have to stick to our proven formula. Cranberryhelps to dissolve plaque, making it easier for the whitening agents to penetrate into the enamel. Money doesn’t go on trees but cranberries sure do. How about that million dollar smile? Xylitolis a natural sweetener helps to reduce tooth decay and treat dry mouth. A sweetener that’s good for you? Sign me up. Aloe Verahelps to soothe and moisturize the mouth. Also good for those who fell asleep in the sun. OrganicPeppermint Oilleaves your breath smelling and feeling fresh. Recommended for first dates.