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Love Home & Planet Rose Petal & Murumuru Dry Wash Spray

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Here's a remedy for your "chair-drobe": that place where previously worn clothes end up when you don't think they need a wash yet but also don't feel confident about wearing them again. Our dry wash spray is designed to revive your worn clothes to looking, feeling and smelling refreshed, so you can protect them from the wear and tear of overwashing—it's like dry shampoo for your clothes! We created this product so that we can save water together by washing clothes only when they really deserve it, plus it's vegan, cruelty-free and powered by compressed air, not greenhouse gases so you can feel good about doing a small act of love for your clothes and the planet. Infused with ethically sourced Bulgarian Rose absolute, and blended with sumptuous Amazonian Murumuru, it leaves your clothes with a delicate kiss of nature that lasts.

How to Use: Don’t forget to follow the care label instructions on clothing. Lay garment flat over bedding. Apply evenly across garment. Hand-smooth any creases. Hang up for 15 minutes while you get ready for your day.

  • Not Suitable for Use on Cashmere, Leather, Silk or Suede

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