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Irwin Naturals Daily Gentle Cleanse

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Proper digestive function is the foundation upon which all other elements of health derive. This gentle formula combines a traditional Ayurvedic digestive blend with Western botanicals to soothe, detoxify and promote healthy digestive flow. This special non-laxative formulation optimizes digestion and supports liver function.

Support Movement & Function - A blend of three Ayurvedic herbs to gently stimulate flow and improve overall digestive harmony.

Soothe Intestinal Lining - Ginger and marshmallow root help to soothe and minimize burping, flatulence and minor upset stomach.

Liver and Bile Function - Milk Thistle, dandelion and artichoke all work together to support healthy liver function and fat digestion.

This comprehensive daily formula supports the multiple aspects of gastrointestinal and digestive function to promote optimal digestive health.

  • Non-Laxative Formula with Triphala That Can Be Used Daily
  • Delicately Balanced for Optimum Intestinal Health, Liver Function & Fat Digestion

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