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Inflatable Playing Cards, 5-pack

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A Royal Flush of Fun that's Full of Hot Air!

What's more fun than a deck of playing cards? I can think of a lot of things, but why not inflate 'em to start? That's right, we've got 13-inch inflatable playing cards, a royal flush! We've included a Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 of Spades! These babies are inflatable AND totally waterproof and this 2-pack gives you the dynamic duo, the King and Queen of Spades. Just add air + an imagination and I'm sure you'll be having fun in no time at all!

Jokes aside, these 13-inch inflatable cards are great for casino theme parties and décor or for chilling at the pool! They come fully deflated, so take a deep breath and give it a blow (or use an air compressor pump). Truly fun for the whole family! These bad boys up the ante for any occasion.

5 Things You Can Do With These Cards

1. Gift for the whole crew (Great for your 5 favorites pals and gals)

2. Play ""Guess the Card or Drink"" (Guess the correct card or take a drink from a beverage)

3. Floating side table for pool (Can you balance a drink and some food on 'em? No clue. Haven't tried)

4. Giant inflatable card tricks and street magic!

5. Award as prizes for carnivals, ticket counters, and casino game night.

5 Things You Cannot Do With These Cards

6. Play War, Poker, Go Fish!, Old Maid (sadly, not possible.)

7. Float on them. They're miniature 13"" cards.

8. Ingest. (Please don't)

9. Fit into a standard card box.

10. Find anything like 'em. (These babies are one of a kind, friend!)