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HealthWise 100% Colombian Gourmet Low Acid Supremo Coffee

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Your coffee drinking pleasure will be improved and made healthier through our FDA Approved, 100% natural, proprietary TechnoRoasting™ process.

We have virtually eliminated all excess acid that promotes acid reflux causing heartburn and esophagitis. HealthWise™ achieves low acidity without flavor loss and without having to resort to traditional steam blasting, which only slightly reduces the acid, while vaporizing all important flavor elements.

HealthWise™ Low Acid Coffee also has no bitterness. If you use creamers or sweeteners to help mask the bitterness typically present in coffees, you should find that you can use less, or totally eliminate their use, thus cutting down on fat, calories, and cholesterol.

Delicious HealthWise™ coffee is roasted using only the highest grade 100% Colombian Supremeo Arabica beans, grown only in regions with the richest soil and best weather conditions.

HealthWise™, our highest quality coffee, has received numerous government approvals and listings, along with accolades from several of the Chefs from New York''s famous Culinary Institute.

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