HamiltonBuhl PH-VRT Velociraptor Paleo Hunter Dig Kit, Beige Perspective: front
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HamiltonBuhl PH-VRT Velociraptor Paleo Hunter Dig Kit, Beige

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Spark curiosity for paleontology and science inspire children to pursue a path toward discovery An awe inspiring project for kids ages 6 Paleo Hunter is a perfect project for any child curious about the world around them Unearth the history of our planet with Paleo Hunter Paleo Hunter turns any child or student into an archaeologist on the hunt to uncover ancient dinosaur fossils Combined with the Augmented Reality companion app Paleo Hunter brings these dinosaur skeletons back to life First kids use the tools included in the to carefully chip away at the block of material to discover what is hidden beneath the surface As they discover the dinosaur fossils the next step is to combine each fossil to create a complete skeleton Then use Paleo Hunters companion app to scan the dinosaur skeleton The app takes the skeleton and turn it into a living breathing dinosaur that appears right on any Apple or Android device Information about these spectacular creatures appear on the screen there are a variety of actions kids can have their virtual dinosaur perform Paleo Hunter comes in 5 unique variations Each project comes with its own dinosaur individually or as a kit with one of each dinosaur Features . Paleo Hunter Dig Kit. Block Slaked Lime Plaster. Dino Bones ABS. Hammer PP Polypropylene . Chisel PP Polypropylene . Brush PP Polypropylene . Goggles PC Polycarbonates . Mask High Quality Non Woven Fabric Specifications . Color Beige. Weight 2 6 lbs