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Food To Live Organic Brazil Nuts - 8 Lbs

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About the product: Completely natural, Certified Organic, premium quality Brazil nuts. Non-GMO. Brazil nuts are packed with nutrients and make an excellent snack both raw and roasted. You can add these nuts to a variety of dishes or roast and spice them to your taste. Brazil nuts are a rich source of selenium and generally great for your health. The Food to Live resealable bag will keep the nuts fresh for months. Product Features: Raw Whole Nuts, Unsalted, Shelled; Highest Quality; Highest Purity, Large Size; Non-GMO, Organic; Amazing nuts that provide great health benefits. Product Description: Brazil nuts come entirely from wild collection rather than from plantations. Therefore, all Brazil Nuts are organic by nature. Nutritionally, Brazil nuts are a good source of some vitamins and minerals. A cup (133 grams) of Brazil nuts contains the vitamins thiamin (0.8 mg—55% DV) and vitamin E (7.6 mg—38% DV); minerals calcium (213 mg—21% DV), magnesium (500 mg—125% DV), phosphorus (946 mg—96% DV), copper (2.3 mg—116% DV), and manganese (1.6 mg—81%). Brazil nuts are perhaps the richest dietary source of selenium; 28 g (1 oz, 6–8 nuts) can contain as much as 544 µg. This is 10 times the adult U.S. Recommended Dietary Allowances. Recent research suggests that proper selenium intake is correlated with a reduced risk of both breast cancer and prostate cancer. This has led some health commentators and nutritionists to recommend the consumption of Brazil nuts as a protective measure.