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Febreze Light Plug Sea Spray Air Freshener Scented Oil Refill

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Formulated with: NO heavy perfumes, NO dyes, NO phthalates, NO formaldehyde. Looking for a gentle way to freshen up your home instead of masking odors with heavy scents? Clear the air with a Febreze LIGHT PLUG Air Freshener refill so you can get started eliminating odors without heavy perfumes. It's compatible with all versions of Febreze PLUG warmers, so you can easily fill your home with a delightful, airy scent. With rotating dual-scent chambers for 1200 hours of continuous freshness, you'll be able to say goodbye to stink without even thinking about it. Just plug the warmer into any outlet (they'll even rotate if your outlet is upside down!) in a high-traffic area of your home, like the kitchen, your bedroom, or the living room. With its smooth white floral scent, Febreze LIGHT Sea Spray is here to take odors (and stress) down a notch. Have some hard-to-wash fabrics you'd like to make sniffable again? Spray them with Febreze LIGHT Fabric Refresher to give your whole home a bright, fresh vibe.

  • Continuously clean away household odors with no heavy perfumes thanks to Febreze LIGHT PLUG
  • Easy to use: Just plug it in to freshen high-traffic rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways
  • Freshen up with a dash of the white floral, watery scent of Febreze LIGHT Sea Spray
  • Pluggable air freshener with two rotating, complementary scent chambers that cycle for 1200 hours of delicate freshness
  • Pluggable refills are compatible with new and old versions of Febreze plug warmers