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Enzymatic Therapy Aunt Flo™ Cramp Relax

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With Aunt Flo Cramp Relax you''ll be feeling fine in no time!

Say good-bye to monthly madness with Aunt Flo Cram Relax menstrual cramp and bloating relief. It gently and naturally reduces the pain of menstrual cramps, eases tension and relieves bloating.

This unique blend includes time-tested cramp bark and dill, traditionally used to soothe menstrual cramps. It also has calming L-theanine to reduce irritability and muscle tension, plus calcium and magnesium for additional cramp relief. There''s dandelion to fight bloating, vitamin B12 to boost energy and ashwagandha to support the body''s natural ant-stress abilities. Don''t let your period ruin your day!

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