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Eat The Bear Grizzly Micellar Casein Vanilla

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[ The Clean & Lean Alternative ]

ETB Grizzly Micellar Casein Protein is a slow digesting protein filtered from milk that continues feeding the muscles after whey protein''s have been fully digested. The slower absorption and prolonged release effectively helps reduce catabolism and provides muscles with a sustainable pool of amino acids to reduce muscle breakdown.

Why ETB Casein?

Sustained Amino Acid Release

Anti-Catabolic Action

No Artificial Flavors Or Sweeteners

Over 10 G BCAA''s & 4 G Glutamine

22 Grams Protein

122 Calories

ETB Fit provides clean and lean dietary supplements to support pure achievement. We seek to engender a sense of mental and physical well-being to encourage and enable individuals to overcome obstacles and push through life''s challenges.

"Some Days You Eat The Bear, Some Days The Bear Eats You."

- - - Enjoy - - -

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