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Dreambrands Internal Harmony for Women Menopause Relief

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Energize your mind and your body will follow

Internal Harmony is a natural, healthy approach to feeling energized without the use of chemical stimulants.* When taken daily, Internal Harmony helps to replenish the body, sustain mental energy and improve overall vitality and mood. The first daily custom compounded formula of its kind. Hormone-free with eight botanical extracts, each standardized for specific "bio-actives", along with Vitamin B12 that work together to achieve a holistic approach to wellness. The result - a heightened sense of energy and a more positive mood.*

Live life in balance

Life. Just when you''re into it, your body may not feel up to it. Internal Harmony products can help restore your body''s natural balance so you can live life fully.* Joyfully.

For the things you love to do and the people you love doing them with. Internal Harmony.

Feel good energy

Live life. Love life.

Mental energy/alertness*

Scientists have noted that Ginseng increases mental energy and alertness.* American Ginseng''s adaptogenic properties naturally increase the body''s resistance to physical and emotional stress.*

Energizing* Maca and Fenugreek


Wulinshen, Damiana and passionflower

Life-Enhancing mushrooms*

Cordyceps and maitake

Vitamin B12

Some women experience symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency that may include fatigue and negative mood. Add lib contains B12 to help daily supplementation, offering restored energy.*

Natural extracts. No hormones. No gluten.