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Celebration Herbals Herbal Tea Caffeine Free Cat's Claw Inner Bark

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It all starts with the herbs. Celebration Herbals is dedicated to bringing you the best tasting teas, grown and processed as close to "the way nature intended" as possible and never irradiated.

The herbs are grown and harvested with the highest standards of quality control. You can trust our new special designations - Certified Organic, Ethically Wildcrafted, and Pure Quality.

Celebration Herbals is committed to the environment. In this box you won''t find any strings, tags, or staples in our chlorine free bags. In addition, our boxes are made from 100% recycled board. A resealable freshness bag is used to extend the quality and life or your tea.

Celebration Herbals hopes you enjoy the beneficial pleasure of drinking these teas as much as they have enjoyed blending, hand crafting and packaging them for you.

About Cat''s Claw...

Cat''s claw is a woody, climbing vine that grows in South American Rainforests and can often be found growing into the canopy. Once mature, the top part of the plant is cut away, enabling the rootstock to regrow quickly. Harvesting in this method ensures sustainability of this wonderful herb for future generations.

Also known as "Una de gato" in Spanish, Cat''s Claw (inner bark) has been used by the Peruvian natives of the Amazon for centuries. It''s discovery in 1970 by a scientific expedition has led to its widespread popularity and use throughout the Western World.

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