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Birch Benders Complete Pancake & Waffle Mix Buttermilk

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Buttermilk pancakes: so good from the restaurant, so flat from the box. We''re here to change that. We''re on farm-fresh sweet cream buttermilk and premium wheat flour to make these pancakes rise above the rest.

Our Story

The idea behind Birch Benders was simple: to make pancakes that are better than at a restaurant and easier than from scratch. So when we graduated from college, we moved to Colorado, got married, and got cooking! After endless work in our kitchen, and untold hours talking to passionate pancake people like you , we''re thrilled to bring you Birch Benders Micro-Pancakery. We''ve obsessed over every recipe, personally tested every ingredient, and the result is delicious. We put in the time so you don''t have to.

We are Birch Benders and we love pancakes. We hop you enjoy our creation.

Matt & Lizzi