Berryman B-60 High Mileage Fuel System Rejuvenator Perspective: front
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Berryman B-60 High Mileage Fuel System Rejuvenator

15 OunceUPC: 0007589407516
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Located in GM Automotive - Lubes and Addi

Product Details

  • Thoroughly cleans entire fuel system of all gas-powered vehicles, including those exceeding 60,000 miles
  • Powerful detergents and H.E.S.T. (High Energy Solvent Technology) solvents give one-tank clean-up of fuel injectors, intake valves, carburetor, and combustion chambers
  • Dissolves fuel residue and carbon deposits to restore lost power
  • Reduce rough idle and hesitation, restore octane requirements, and improve overall drivability
  • Improves fuel economy, disperses moisture, and stabilizes gasoline
  • Great for all 2-stroke and 4-stroke marine and small gas engines
  • Catalytic converter and oxygen-sensor safe

In-Package Weight: 1.08 Pound

In-Package Dimensions: 2.25 Inch x 8.63 Inch x 2.25 Inch

Warning: This product contains toluene, methanol, and ethylbenzene, chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Model: 7516