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Aunt Fannie's FlyPunch! Fruit Fly Trap

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Aunt Fannie''s FlyPunch! is a powerful, easy to use product that gets rid of fruit flies naturally. Safe near people and food, FlyPunch! is completely non-toxic. We get it. Fruit flies are disgusting and always seem to show up at the wrong time (as if there''s ever a good time). Trust us, it''s not your fault. Fruit flies hitchhike in on food or come in from outdoors, and no amount of cleaning will change that fact. Keep FlyPunch! in your kitchen and keep fruit flies away for good. Heck, keep FlyPunch! out on the counter for all to see. Whether you know it or not, your friends need it too and will thank you!

Knock out Fruit Flies:

This non-toxic, patent pending formula attracts and eliminates fruit flies. For use in kitchens, other food or food disposal areas and anywhere fruit flies might be present in your home. FlyPunch! is most potent for two weeks; replace as necessary.