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How to get the best from Alliultra™ AC-23 allicin capsules?

Alliultra™ AC-23 capsules contain 360 mg of stabilised Allisure® AC-23 allicin powder – natures’ anti-microbial agent. This means that Alliultra™ capsules can be used to help resolve any condition with a bacterial, fungal or viral cause.

An upset stomach that causes diarrhea and/or vomiting is usually caused by an E- Coli infection or sometimes Salmonella or Clostridium bacteria may be responsible. Alliultra™ can kill these pathogens very easily. You will need to take a large dose in one go –for severe conditions up to 3-5  Alliultra™ capsules per day in a single dose should be enough to resolve these conditions. This dose can be repeated 12 hours later if necessary and then we recommend staying on a maintenance dose of 1-3 capsules per day.

Your circulatory system

You can also use Alliultra™ capsules to help treat blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Take 3 capsules per day for a period of 3 months and review your levels. Reducing dosage after this is OK.

These can be difficult to resolve but as most of the infections are Staph or Strep bacteria these are very sensitive to Alliultra™ treatment. Start with a course of 3 capsules per day – but if the infection is persistent then double this dose for a period of 1-2 months. Once the infection is resolved reduce back to a maintenance dose to prevent a re-infection. Strep bacteria these are very sensitive to Alliultra™ treatment. Alliultra™ works very effectively on UTI infections start with 6 a day for a week then cut back to 3 the second week.

MRSA infections

Alliultra™ formulations have been shown to kill multi drug resistant bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus. Patients with open infected wounds will need to take Alliultra® capsules and use both the cream and liquid spray formulations. This combination will help to cl