Fred Meyer Package Services

Shipping Packages Just Got Easier!

Save time when you ship FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground® packages at select Fred Meyer stores. Simply stop by our Package Services desk to purchase packing materials, pack and ship your packages at the following locations:

Maple Valley

26520 Maple Valley Black Diamond Rd. SE
Maple Valley, Washington


3184 Ocean Beach Highway
Longview, Washington

Plus, many Fred Meyer stores also offer FedEx® drop-off and pick-up services right at the Customer Service Desk. To drop-off, simply bring your pre-printed, ready to ship package to a participating store. You can also redirect your packages to select Fred Meyer locations to pick-up while you shop. Simply enter your tracking information on, select “Customize Delivery,” and choose “Hold at Location” to find your nearest Fred Meyer location. You can also redirect your packages by signing up for the FedEx Delivery Manager® here, or through the FedEx® Mobile app.

Additional Details

MBG – Money Back Guarantee: To initiate a Money Back Guarantee request for packages shipped at Fred Meyer locations (late shipment), the customer must initiate the case with Fred Meyer within 15 calendar days from the shipment date. Contact

Damage/Loss claims procedures: FedEx must receive written notice of claim within 60 calendar days of delivery date.

  • Loss Claim – For Non-Delivery or Misdelivery, Fred Meyer must receive written notice of claim within 9 months after the package was tendered to Fred Meyer.
  • Fred Meyer, not the customer, must file the claim on all domestic shipments sold by Fred Meyer.
  • Contact to begin claims procedures.

Declared Value: The declared value of any package represents maximum FedEx liability in connection with a shipment of that package. The Declared Value for Carriage should not be more than the declared value for customs and cannot exceed $1,000 per shipment.

Declared Value Calculation: This is a calculation automatically performed by the shipping application. For FedEx Express U.S. domestic and FedEx Ground in the U.S., the following will apply: $3 for shipments valued between $100.01-$300, and $1 per $100 of declared value for shipments valued in excess of $300.