Delivery FAQs

    How It Works

      Delivery is one of our online ordering services. You can shop online for the products you need and get them delivered to your doorstep the same day. Planning ahead? You can also choose a time slot for the next day or later.

      Here’s how: place your order online, and the shopping will be done for you. Once the order is shopped and ready, you’ll get an alert that it’s on its way. A delivery driver will drop your groceries off on your doorstep. Start your delivery order here.

      A: Currently available in select markets, Kroger Delivery orders are shopped and delivered by trained Kroger associates. We also partner with third-party delivery services, like Instacart and Shipt, to help fulfill orders for our customers.

      During the checkout process, look for Fulfilled by Kroger Delivery when selecting your timeslot. This tells you how your Kroger order will be shopped and delivered.

      Great question! With both options, the items you order online are sent right to your doorstep. But there are two main differences: product offerings and time-to-your-door. Think of ship as the big box shopping experience, but from the comfort of your own home. Browse an extended catalog of dry goods (many of which aren’t available in your local store), and ship heavy items and bulk orders straight to your doorstep. Shipments arrive in as little as 1-3 days!

      Delivery orders, on the other hand, are best for your weekly groceries. Things like milk, bread, produce, and all your other household regulars. Simply place your order online, and receive your groceries in as little as one hour!

      Start by signing in to your digital account. Next you’ll enter your zip code from the home page and choose “delivery” as your way to shop. (You can enter your full address later.) From here, simply search or browse the items you need and add them to your cart.

      Once you’re ready to check out, start by going to your cart. This is where you’ll enter your address and choose your delivery window.

      After this step, you can add your payment information. (At this time we can only accept credit or debit cards – no cash, check, gift cards or government benefits, including WIC and SNAP.) You’ll see an estimated total in checkout, but you won’t be charged for your order until it’s delivered. The final price may change due to coupons, substitutions, taxes (if applicable), or weighted items.

      (TIP: After placing an order, enable notifications or opt in to SMS notifications so you can be notified of about substitutions or out-of-stock items, if necessary.)

      Yes, there is a service fee which can range from $9.95 to $11.95 depending upon your location. This fee is applied to your order at the time it’s placed.

      From your cart, proceed to checkout. Here you’ll add your payment information. (At this time, we can only accept credit or debit cards – no cash, check, gift cards or government benefits, including WIC and SNAP). You’ll see an estimated total in checkout. This estimated total will be used by your bank or financial institution as a hold on your account for 3 to 7 business days. The final price may change due to coupons, substitutions, taxes (if applicable), or weighted items. You’ll need to show a government-issued ID if your order contains alcohol.

      Not much! You’ll receive a notification when your order is on its way. If you’ve opted for your driver to leave your groceries at your door, you can receive your items at a safe distance with no contact.

      With Kroger Delivery, your smile is our reward. No tipping please. Third-party partners like Instacart can accept tips. These drivers are paid a flat rate per delivery by our third-party partners, but 100% of any tip you provide goes directly to the driver. If you’d prefer, you also have the option to tip your third-party driver after the delivery is completed.

      At this time, our ability to deliver beer, wine and spirits varies by state. Please check product availability for delivery on our site. If adult beverage items are available, be ready to present your ID when your delivery arrives.

      At this time, prescriptions cannot be added to Delivery orders. However, we are working to add this capability in the future.

      Your delivery associate will carefully check your order to ensure that all items are included. For questions regarding an ordered fulfilled by Instacart, please contact Instacart’s Customer Happiness Center by email at or by phone at 1-(888)-2-INSTACART or 1-(888)-246-7822. For questions regarding an order fulfilled by Kroger, please call 1-800-KROGERS or 1-800-576-4377

      We recognize that privacy is very important to our customers, and we pledge to protect the security and privacy of any personal information they provide. This includes customers' names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, credit/debit cards and checking account information, and any information that can be linked to an individual. We collect and securely store this personal information.

      For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

      Unfortunately, we’re not able to provide Delivery to all our customers at this time but we’re always evaluating new locations. We do our best to inform customers if and when new locations become available.

    Delivery Products and Pricing

      You can shop for over 70,000 items online! And we’re adding more products all the time.

      While some items are currently only available in-store, we’re always looking to expand our online product offerings. In fact, if you have a product suggestion, let us know! Simply fill out a Customer Comment form and we’ll do our best to add your suggestion to our product catalog.

      While we can’t accept paper coupons on Delivery orders, we do accept digital coupons! Digital coupons can be clipped online and are automatically applied to your order. You’ll see discounts either at the time of delivery or in the form of an online payment adjustment within 48 hours. Orders placed through Delivery online will earn points towards fuel rewards.

      For weighted items, such as produce, deli, meat and seafood, our associates will choose the items that most closely match what you’ve ordered, down to the weight or count.

      Quality is our top priority. Rest assured that Delivery associates will hand-select produce, meat and seafood items with great care.

      Perishable items like meat and produce are selected shortly before your order is scheduled for delivery. Your items will be stored for maximum freshness, including refrigeration for items that require it.

      Prices of products offered for sale through Kroger delivery online from the store you have designated as your preferred store may differ from prices offered for the same products at a different preferred store and/or may differ from prices offered for the same products in brick and mortar (physical) stores due to such reasons as preferred store location, fulfillment store location, day of pick up/delivery, in-store promotions, or digital coupons. In the event that the total amount of your order when fulfilled is less than the total amount of your order when placed due to a net increase and/or decrease in prices but not due to out of stocks or substitutions, a refund for the difference may be applied to the card used for payment within 24 – 48 hours of the delivery. Certain promotions and coupons, including paper coupons, may not be available or accepted online. In the event of a pricing error, an order may be cancelled and the price corrected. Price and availability of products may change without notice. Additional delivery and service fees may apply.

      When you place an order, your bank or financial institution puts an authorization hold on your card to confirm the card is valid. The hold amount is for the estimated total you see on your order confirmation. Depending on your bank or financial institution, the hold should be released in 3 to 7 business days. For more information regarding this hold, please contact your bank or financial institution.

    Item Issues or Refunds

      While we strive to keep all items in stock, an item you’ve selected may occasionally become unavailable. Our Delivery associates are trained to make satisfactory substitutions for out-of-stock items that are as close as possible to your original request.

      When you place your order online, you can indicate whether you’d like to allow substitutions. If a substitution is necessary, we’ll follow the steps below to fill your order as best we can. Here’s how it works:

      • If the same type of out-of-stock item is available in a larger quantity, your order will be upgraded to the larger item.
      • If a larger quantity isn’t available but the same brand and item is available in different packaging (like boxed sugar instead of bagged sugar), that item will be substituted.
      • If the same brand isn’t available, the same type of item from a different brand may be substituted.
      • Any special dietary items (gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, vegan) will always be substituted with items that meet the same dietary requirements.

      While we strive to keep all items in stock, an item you’ve selected may occasionally be unavailable. Our teams are trained to make proper substitutions for out-of-stock items, so your order will always have the items you need, as close to your original order as possible.

      When you place your order, you can indicate whether you’d like to allow substitutions. You can also opt in at checkout to receive substitution notifications and approve or reject those substitutions.

      Visit the Contact Us page to submit item or experience issues via chat, email, or phone. Contact number is specific for this region 1-833-KRO-FRSH (1-833-576-3774)

    Changing or Cancelling Orders

      You can cancel an existing order at any point until the shopper has started picking the order. To cancel, visit My Purchases to cancel the order. Once the shopper has started picking, the order can no longer be canceled.

      We’re sorry, but once you place your order, you cannot change your time or location.

      You may modify your order at any point until the shopper has started picking the order. For Instacart fulfilled delivery, you will need to chat with them directly for assistance once they have started shopping your order. To chat with the Instacart shopper directly, you will need to modify your delivery account settings to enable notifications about your order.

      Log in to your digital account and visit “My Purchases” to review your purchase history.

    Delivery by Nuro

      Nuro is our self-driving delivery pilot program. It’s currently available in the following ZIP Codes: 77401, 77096, 77005, 77035, and 77025.

      Currently Nuro is available 7 days a week, from 7am to 8pm daily.

      The same way you would for our regular Delivery service. Please see the instructions above regarding shopping for products and placing an order.

      After placing your order, a Delivery associate shops your order and loads it into a Nuro vehicle. The vehicle then drives itself to your house and will pull up to the curb. When you come out to vehicle, you’ll need to enter the code provided by Nuro to access and unload your groceries.

      A vehicle operator may be riding in the driver’s seat, and/or a car may be following the Nuro vehicle for road safety precautions.

      Yes, you’ll pay a $5.95 fee at the time your order is placed.

      We will continue to improve our service based on feedback from this new partnership and will announce new locations as they become available.