St. Patricks Day DIY Decor Ideas for Kids

Green paper with shamrock stickers

Deck the halls for your St. Patrick’s Day party, and do it kid-style as your little ones draw, cut, staple, glue and paint their way to festive party décor!

  • Provide your party-helpers with green construction paper and ask them to cut out same-size strips (draw pencil lines as guide if needed). They can then decorate these strips with St. Patrick’s Day-themed stickers or drawings. Staple the strips together in a simple chain and hang them around the party space.
  • Kids can also put their shamrock skills to use by making a Shamrock Bouquet. First, use a stencil to cut out 3-4” shamrock shapes from St. Patrick’s Day-style scrapbook paper. The kiddos can attach these paper shamrocks to wooden skewers or pipe cleaners with tape. Place a bundle of these “flowers” in large mason jars, then decorate the jar with ribbons, green buttons and the like.
  • Mason jars can also be used to Layer a Rainbow: Start by having the kids drop a handful of gold-wrapped candies (chocolate coins or chocolate-covered caramels (Rolos) look especially nice) into an empty 1-quart jar. They can then top the wrapped candies with fruit-flavored bite-size candies, layered by color to resemble a rainbow. Cover and wrap the lid with colored foil or ribbons and use as a centerpiece. Or make as many smaller (1 pint) jars as you have guests and send home as party favors.
  • Buy a dozen or so mini clay flowerpots and have your young helpers paint the outside of the pots green. When the paint dries, they can tie a black ribbon just below the rim and place a gold sticker “buckle” on the ribbon. Upside-down, these painted flowerpots become Leprechaun hats! If you’re using as party favors, write each guest’s name on the rim of the hat with gold permanent marker.