Be a Zero Hero: Recycle That Plastic!

Recycling plastic bottles

What do bubble wrap, plastic overwrap around paper towels, cereal box liners and bread bags all have in common? They’re all recyclable! In fact, the list doesn’t end there: dry cleaning bags, produce bags, newspaper sleeves, plastic shipping envelopes, clean sandwich bags – so many things which, not too many years ago, would have been tossed in the garbage, are now able to be turned into something new!

How Can YOU Be a Zero Hero?

A Zero Hero is someone who steps up for change when it comes to reducing waste. Even small changes that require small effort can make you a Zero Hero! 

One recommendation: in addition to your curbside or container recycling (the items that are picked up by the local waste company), set up a separate recycling bin for plastic packaging in your home, collecting these once-discarded items over time. When the bin is full, take it to your local grocery store on your next shopping trip and place it in the drop-off bins – it’s that easy! 

How Does The Kroger Co. Recycle Plastic?

Once you drop off those plastic bags and packaging in our bin, where does it go? Our stores collect this single-use plastic packaging from you and combine it with other plastic packaging used in-store; everything is sent away to be made into composite decking. Over the past three years, the Zero Hunger | Zero Waste program has recycled more than 180 million pounds of plastic. That’s a lot of decking! 

It’s true that heroes don’t typically know they’re heroes. But it’s also true that you can set an example for others and change the world with actions that might seem small and insignificant. By recycling your plastic bags and packaging, you’re contributing to a world with fewer plastics and less waste. You’re a Zero Hero, and we think you should be wearing a cape!

Zero Hero Infographic