Valentine Love Bug Fruit Cups

An upside down fruit cup with eyes made out of paper and hearts for feet

Created by: Jamielyn, I Heart Naptime

These Valentine’s Day love bug fruit cups are the perfect non-candy Valentine for kids. They would make a great class party snack or lunch box treat.

I made these darling orange love bugs with some of my favorite finds at my local Kroger: Kroger mandarin oranges fruit cups, a poster board, sharpie and duct tape.


  • Fruit cups
  • Red and white poster board (or cardstock paper)
  • Red or Black mini duct tape
  • Glue (Elmers or hot glue)
  • Black marker


  1. Cut out 2 1-inch hearts. Then tape or glue onto the bottom of the fruit cup.
  2. Cut out 1/4″ white circles for the eyes and draw a black circle inside. Alternatively, you could use googly eyes. Glue onto the front of the fruit cup.
  3. If creating a lady bug, draw a line down the middle and then polka dots around the fruit cup.
  4. Cut out a piece of tape about 2 inches long. Fold in half and then round off the top. Repeat with a second piece of tape. Tape or glue the two together on the bottom of the fruit cup to create the antennas. For an extra special touch, add two hearts to the top.