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Even when you’re in a food coma from too much turkey, there’s always a way to squeeze in a little sweetness. And if you’re attending someone else’s Thanksgiving feast, a darn-good dessert is always a safe bet to bring along. From pumpkin pie to light and refreshing finishers, you’ll find the perfect ending to your feast right here.

Fresh & Frozen Pies

Pick one up, add a dollop (or 2) of whipped cream and enjoy!

Your Guide to Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin, spices, buttery crust...what could be better than pumpkin pie!

So Much Appley Goodness Baked into a Pie

Apple pie is on the lighter side...perfect to scarf down after a big meal.

From Classic Sweets to Instagram-Worthy Treats

Make something the whole table will be raving about!

Need to Stock Up for Baking?

Get the essentials and all the little extras that go into your favorite desserts.

Go Pro with Your Kitchen Essentials

Grab a few timesaving tools that’ll help you bake like a boss!

Tasty Tonight Pumpkin Pie Bars

Thanksgiving dessert just got a whole lot easier with these insanely delicious pumpkin pie bars.