DIY Wildflower Arrangements

There’s nothing like a beautiful arrangement of wildflowers to give your home a fresh, natural feel. While we may not have many opportunities to wander out in a field with butterflies and gather flowers, we do have the ability to easily pick up a premade arrangement and customize it with our favorite flowers. Check out the seasonal wildflowers at your local store, and get inspired to create an arrangement that will wow your friends and family – and fill your home with cheer. 

Here are a few steps to get you started, but what’s most important is to have fun and choose what appeals to your heart and your eye.

1. Gather your flowers

It’s so simple to choose your favorite bouquet from the premade selections available. Then have fun picking your favorites from the assortment on hand to add into the mix. A few popular wildflowers are sunflowers, daisies and charmelia. Or just focus on a color that you love, such as purple flowers.

2. Choose your vase

Mason jars help maintain that natural, organic feeling that you’re creating with wildflowers, and you can use the outer band of the lid to help keep your flowers in place (more on that later!). It’s best to choose a tall, sturdy vase if you’re using sunflowers due to their height and heaviness, but you can cut the stems short if desired. 

3. Strip the stems

Before arranging your flowers, be sure to strip any leaves off the stems. Foliage at the top of the stem adds interest and filler to your bouquet, but leaves that sit in water will decay quickly and your water won’t be fresh. Be careful not to break or damage stems while stripping them.

4. Size the stems

Be sure to cut your flowers so that they are the correct length for the vase. To figure out the ideal length, place each stem on the surface outside of the vase to estimate how much of the stem you'll need to cut. You can vary lengths or keep them all the same. Trimming the stems of your flowers right before you put them in the water ensures a fresh opening for the water to travel through.

5. Assemble your arrangement

If using mason jars, try this handy tip: Use green floral tape or craft tape to create a grid pattern at the top of the mason jar. Make sure the tape is not overlapping the edges of the vase too far. Screw on the band of the jar, leaving off the flat lid, to help keep the flowers in place as you arrange them. Your goal will be to cover the grid with flowers. 

Placing stems will be the same for any type of vase: A general rule is to place taller, focal-point flowers in the center, then postiion additional tall, full flowers radiaing out from the center in a triangular shape. After you make the initial shape, start filling in the spaces with flowers for shape and texture. Look at the arrangement from all sides and add or subtract until you’re happy with your masterpiece.

6. Enjoy!

PRO TIP: One of the main reasons that cut flowers die is that bacteria builds up in the water. If you change your water each day — and wash the stems — your flowers will stay fresh longer.