Hydration Hacks

Hydration Hacks

Publish Date September 5, 2023 3 Minute Read
Author Pure Life®

Hydration Hacks for the Whole Family

Keeping our bodies hydrated is one of the most important things we can do in terms of self-care. Proper hydration helps to keep us healthy and feeling good, so we can soak up more joy in our everyday lives. But when life gets hectic, it’s easy to slip up and stop prioritizing our bodies’ needs. If you’re looking for ways to refresh your routine and create healthier habits, try these hydration hacks to quench your thirst.

1. Take Inventory

Tally the amount of water you’re currently drinking in a day. Then you can set informed goals and identify the parts of your day when you could use a bit more water. Is there a time of day when you usually feel drained or groggy? Start with small steps, focusing on hydrating when you need it most. Don’t aim for perfection right away, but for improvement.

2. Set Up Hydration Stations

Store your water strategically throughout your space, so you’re reminded to hydrate all day. Keep a bottle by your bed or a cooler in your car. You can even turn it into a scavenger hunt, drinking a bottle whenever you find one. The most important part is to keep your water in more places than just your kitchen. This way, you’re not choosing between water and other beverages or even snacks, making it much easier to stay true to your goal.

3. Size Up

Always overestimate the amount of water you’ll need. When stocking up for the week, opt for brands like Pure Life® that offer larger 28 packs. When you’re packing your bag for the day, bring at least 1 bottle more than you think you’ll need. If you use a refillable canteen or bottle, make sure it’s big enough to quench your thirst, and create a plan to keep it full throughout the day.

4. Make Hydration a Family Affair

Add a hydration hour to your family’s daily routine or keep a refillable carafe at the dinner table. Make it a point to connect and catch up over drinks before dinner is served. When water becomes a staple at the table, the whole family will make hydration a habit.

5. Start and Finish the Day Strong

When we sleep, our bodies naturally lose moisture. A glass of water first thing in the morning and right before bed can help you stay hydrated through the day and night. Even if you haven’t met your daily goal, make these 2 glasses non-negotiable. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be an improvement.

6. Hydrate Your Way

Add fruit, herbs or flavor concentrates to your water to keep things interesting and avoid beverage burnout. Cucumbers, lemon, lime, strawberries, mint and basil are just a few things you can add to elevate your experience and make your hydration routine feel more luxurious.

7. Don’t Leave Home Without It

If water’s always within reach, you’re more likely to hit your hydration goals. Try keeping a decorative basket or bin full of water bottles by the door so you can grab a bottle on your way out. Keeping smaller 8 oz. bottles in your purse or backpack can make it easier to stay hydrated on the go.

Looking for More Ways to Stay Hydrated and Healthy?

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