School Lunch Ideas for Kids

School Lunch Ideas for Kids

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If you’ve ever packed a school lunch before, you know how hard it can be to fill that box day after day. From pleasing finicky eaters to finding the right balance of healthy and fun, the task can become daunting once you realize they’ll only eat so many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Whether you’re prepping for back to school or just trying to avoid the inevitable sandwich burnout, we’ve got tips, tricks and healthy school lunch ideas that’ll satisfy their appetites and keep them focused and ready to ace that test.

Quick & Easy Lunch Ideas

Turkey and ham make a tasty combo in our Picnic Sandwiches recipe and in sliders that can be made in just 10 minutes. Sandwiches get a new look in Fresh Fold Wraps that use hummus to add savory flavor. A kid favorite combo also gets a twist in PB&J Quesadillas that can be prepped in advance and microwaved at school. Pair these box lunch main courses with fruits, veggies and/or fun snacks for a show and tell worthy meal.

School Lunches

How Can I Save Time When Packing a Lunch?

Save time by switching to a bento lunch box. These fun to use lunch accessories have boxes or dividers that keep foods separate and intact. The simple design encourages variety and appropriate portion sizes, making it easier to pack a balanced meal. Try rolling up some Southwestern flavors with a Burrito Box. Round out the lunch with salsa, sour cream, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Our kebabs recipe is a fun one, too. Prepare with grilled chicken, cut veggies and cheese cubes for a delicious alternative to an everyday sandwich. Enjoy this spin on a classic by turning Cheese and Cracker Sandwiches into a wrap by using a street taco tortilla.

How Do I Pack a Healthy Lunch for Kids?

When trying to pack healthy items, remember to include a variety of food groups to ensure that your kids are getting a range of essential nutrients. Be sure to include protein, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables with every meal. Our Ranch Hummus Muffin Tin Lunch can be customized with your favorite fruits and veggies. The hemp seeds in a Summer Veggie Sandwich provide a plant based source of protein alongside fresh and tasty vegetables. A Honeyed Fruit Salad and Berry Salad both pack all the sweetest fruits into a fulfilling lunch. You can also make your mornings easier by packing their lunch the night before school. This will give you more time to think about the ingredients you’re choosing, and the food will stay fresh in the fridge overnight.

School Lunch Ideas

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