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 Health & Beauty Care 

Beauty Care
Spoil your soft side without sending your budget into shock. Kroger® face and body lotions will refresh, and moisturize at a price you can afford. At Fred Meyer, you can pamper your skin without spending an arm and a leg for your beauty products.
With Kroger® suncare products, your safety is important. Kroger offers products for every skin type, so your whole family stays protected while having fun in the sun. Your budget will stay protected too, with value that can only be found at Fred Meyer.
Soaps and Sanitizers
Fresh and clean is what you can expect from Kroger® soaps and sanitizers. Whether you are looking for bar soap, hand sanitizer, or liquid soap, Fred Meyer has a full range of varieties and scents to refresh your family and guests.
Kroger Feminine Care products
Made with your care and comfort in mind, Kroger® feminine care products have you covered. Find confidence in your monthly regimen with protection you can trust, only at Fred Meyer.
Oral Hygiene
Oral Hygiene
Kroger® oral care products are just what the dentist ordered. You and your family can smile wide knowing that Fred Meyer has everything you need for daily oral care, from mouthwash to white strips and everything in between.
Pain Relievers
Pain Relievers
Let Fred Meyer keep your family on-the-move and free from aches and pains. Whether it's a headache or chronic back pain, our wide selection of pain relievers has your family's comfort covered.
Sinus & Allergy
When beautiful outdoor weather comes calling make sure stuffy noses, sneezing and eye irritation don't follow. Our complete line of allergy medication will keep your family feeling at their best even when allergy season is at its worst.
First Aid
First Aid Supplies
Be ready for life's little scrapes and scratches with first aid supplies from Fred Meyer. From bandages to ice packs and beyond, Kroger® first aid products are available in multiple sizes, shapes and designs to care for your whole family.
Heartburn will never ruin your day again thanks to Kroger® antacids. With a full range of antacid products, Fred Meyer helps you and your family with painful heartburn symptoms.
Discover a simple way to enhance your family's well-being through Kroger® vitamins. Whether you're making sure your kids are getting all essential vitamins or looking for a daily supplement of your own, Fred Meyer has a vitamin answer for everyone in the family. And, with an easy-to-understand label system, the right answer is always easy-to-find.
Kroger Brand Products

*Some products may not be available in all stores. Please see store for details.

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