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 Pet Pride® 

Pet Pride

Pet Pride® has exciting changes and improvements in store for your furry family members. We offer three varieties of pet products to care for your furry friends:

  • Providing you with delicious and hearty meals for your pets that give a variety of form, texture, and flavor your pet will love.
  • Addressing your pet’s specific needs such as weight management, bone health, and formulations for better skin coat, heart, eyes, and dental health.
  • Wholesome and natural items that provide healthy life balances for your pet. Your pet will notice the upgraded quality of their food and you will appreciate the added health benefits.
Pet Pride Dog Food
Pet Pride Dog Food
All our varieties of dog food help support your dog’s skin, teeth, coat, and bones. We offer specific formulas for weight management and a natural line made with natural ingredients.
Pet Pride Cat Food
Pet Pride Cat Food
Our specially formulated Cat Food contains vitamins and minerals to keep your cat healthy, while natural fiber keeps hairballs at a minimum.
Pet Pride Training Pads
Pet Pride Training Pads
Pet Pride® Dog Training Pads help you remain patient while your furry one learns. Our disposable training pads are the perfect indoor solution for both you and your puppy. Try them on car trips too!
Pet Pride Cat Litter
Pet Pride Cat Litter
Pet Pride® Cat Litter provides great absorption to minimize tracking. Our formula helps to neutralize odors, leaving your home fresh, and your cat happy and healthy.
Pet Pride Dog Treats
Pet Pride Dog Treats
Pet Pride® dog treats are perfect for training or spoiling your furry one! Dog’s go crazy over their tasty flavors, and you’re happy with our special formulations that help with breath, hip, joints, and fur.

*Some products may not be available in all stores. Please see store for details.

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