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 Mirra Daily® 


Fred Meyer is proud to introduce Mirra Daily®, our easy to use, exclusive beauty care brand for family-focused women seeking effortless beauty. Mirra Daily® combines quality, natural ingredients with the latest science to meet three different needs. Mirra Daily® boosts your everyday routines and personal care. Mirra Renew® gives you easy, flawless skin transformations. And Mirra Retreatments™ allow you to take a rejuvenating time-out. Incorporate Mirra Daily® into your routines to easily rediscover your own, true beauty.

mirra Daily
mirra Daily Brushes
Make-Up Brushes
Mirra Daily® makeup brushes are made from quality natural hair and synthetic fibers for flawless application of color cosmetics. Whether you're applying powder or shadow, mirra offers a full line of high quality make up brushes to fit every need.
mirra Daily Hair Care
Shampoos & Conditioners
Designed to make hair look and feel its best, Mirra Daly® shampoos and conditioners are professionally formulated to adapt to your hair’s unique needs and counteract the harsh effects of hard water to restore a healthy PH balance.
mirra Renew
mirra Renew Cleaning Wipes
Cleansing Wipes
Mirra Renew® Cleansing Wipes make it easy to remove excess dirt and make-up, leaving skin tone and refreshed. They contain cucumber and green tea + Vitamins C, E, and B Complex to help skin maintain a healthy balance.
mirra Renew Skin Care
Skincare Products
Mirra Renew® skincare products feature exfoliating cleansers and assorted creams to hydrate and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and accelerate skin renewal. Apply daily to achieve more refreshed, youthful skin.
mirra Retreatment
mirra Retreatment Bath Accessories
Bath Accessories
Mirra Retreatments™ offers 41 premium spa-quality bath accessories. Our accessories fulfill your indulgences in the comfort of your home, not at costly spas. You can now pamper yourself and make your daily shower a relaxing experience.
mirra Retreatment Loufa
Make the shower your own personal spa with Mirra Retreatments™ Pouf. Lather up with mirra Retreatments ™ Body Wash and relax as you wash away the day's stresses.
mirra Retreatment Mask
Mirra™ Retreatments Soothing Eyemask gives you a just-from-the-spa look. Use on tired eyes to relieve dark circles and puffiness for a fresh, renewed look. Mirra Retreatments™ Eye Mask will make you feel as relaxed as you look after each use.

*Some products may not be available in all stores. Please see store for details.

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