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 Gift Registry 

Getting started: Planning your event
Gift Registry

Why choose Fred Meyer Gift Registry for your event?
It’s practical, personal & convenient

  • In addition to weddings and baby showers, you can register for anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and any event that calls for a practical gift list.
  • You can choose from beautiful home décor, name-brand appliances and more.
  • Your registry will be updated within 24 hours after every purchase.
  • It’s easy to exchange or return any duplicate items you receive.
  • Your registry will remain active for one year.
  • Didn’t receive everything you needed? If you’re a Rewards Customer and registered with your Rewards Card, after your event you’ll receive an Extra 10% OFF completion coupon in the mail. You can use it on a single shopping trip to pick up anything you still want on your registry or any items you wish to add. When you’re ready to check out, show the Associate your registry printout, your Rewards Card and completion coupon. Your cashier will ensure you receive your Rewards Extra 10% OFF discount. Offer valid for one use up to 90 days after your event.
  • You’ll find Freddy’s open late (until 11pm in most stores) so your family and friends can shop when it’s convenient for them.

How to Register
Before you use the kiosk
Identify what you need — bring an idea of what you’d like to accomplish with your Gift List. It’s good to include a variety of options at different price levels on your registry.

Set up your Gift Registry
You can plan to spend about 2 hours registering for a big event. The easy-to-use kiosk will walk you through every step of registration. Then you’ll be ready to scan items and build your registry. The basics:

  • Fill out the screens on the kiosk
    You’ll enter your account information, name your event and choose a user name and password.
  • Use the handy sample registries for a wedding or new baby
    Check out the lists of suggested items you may need for your occasion.
  • Select a scanner from the kiosk
    Follow the instructions on the scanner to help you start building your Gift List. Complete instructions for using the scanner are included on the print-out you receive upon completing your event set-up on the kiosk.
  • Return the scanner
    Now you’re ready for your family and friends to start shopping!

Once you’re back home

  • Notify your guests by email — use the functionality on our Gift Registry Site to forward your list.
  • Use our web site
    Manage your list online:
  • Update your registry as needed
    You can change quantities or remove items online from your computer. To add new items to your list, simply return to Fred Meyer, access your account at the kiosk and check out a scanner to add what else you want.

Event resources available at your Freddy’s –
Use One-Stop Shopping as your resource
Once you have your Gift List, ask yourself what else you need for your event, including food and beverages. Then you can explore everything your Freddy’s has to offer. You’ll find so much here in one easy stop!

  • F.G. Meyer Fresh Bakery
  • F.G. Meyer Fresh Deli
  • F.G. Meyer Fresh Floral
  • Wine & Beer
  • Home Electronics & Photo
  • Party Gifts
  • Event Supplies

Gift Registry not available at the Burlingame, Stadium, Gig Harbor, Shelton, Bethel Station, James Center and Palmer stores.


Help for your Gift Registry:
Customer Service: 1-877-764-8897

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