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 Headquarters Opportunities 

Join Our Team:
Headquarters Opportunities

Join our main office team in Portland. Customers and Associates since 1922.

Kim Swearingen - SPM Group VP

Associate Spotlight:
Kim Swearingen

Kim was born and raised in Portland, and joined Fred Meyer in 1978. She began her career in the stores as an Apparel Assistant Trainee, and has been a Buyer for several departments, as well as Vice President of Product Development. Kim is now Vice President of Sales Promotion & Marketing – only the fourth person to hold this position in the company’s 88-year history.

Training & Development

Skilled, capable and dedicated Associates are essential to the overall success of our business. Fred Meyer encourages Associates to develop their abilities, use their full potential and share their ideas. We provide ongoing training at all levels and use a variety of training formats to ensure all Associates have the opportunity to learn and grow. Training opportunities begin at the time of hire and continue throughout the Associate’s career. Our internal Career Opportunity Process helps Associates find and prepare for promotion opportunites or career changes.

Training programs:

  • All Associates – Safety Training, Customer Service Skills
  • Management Development
  • Leadership Training for Management Positions/Corporate Leadership
  • Store Director Training Program
  • Assistant Buyer/Planner General Merchandise Training Program
  • Mentor Program

Take a close look at our General Group Training Program
– it's like earning your Masters of Business on the job!

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