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Here are the Vendor/Buyer Requirements for SCORS Compatibility (in priority order)

  1. One center/warehouse per PO.

  2. Case Dimensions:

      Length Width Height Weight
    Minimum 9” 6” 2” 4 lbs.
    Maximum 36” 29” 30” 75 lbs.
  3. Full case allocation with one allocation per PO, one PO per allocation.

  4. All items are pre-ticketed or bear a UPC code (items are shelf ready).

  5. At least one 1" x ¾" barcode on the outside of fullcase product – UPCs, UPNs, UCNs, SKU, etc.

  6. If product is identified with a UCC 128 label (this means every box has a unique ID), then the associated ASN data must be transmitted via EDI so the product may be received.

  7. PO addressed to 220 Maurin Road, Chehalis, WA 98532.

  8. Indicate “SCORS,” “SCORS-Fullcase,” or “SCORS-SDQ” in MAGIC RSC Process Instructions.

By meeting these requirements, your freight will be processed in the most efficient manner possible. Speed, accuracy and efficiency are all dramatically improved, which will result in our stores having freight on the shelves potentially on the same day we receive your product.

Thanks in advance for your support and response. We look forward to working with you to take advantage of this excellent opportunity. If there are any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the following:

RSC Contact List
Name Phone Number E-mail Address
Steve McClay (360) 740-6625
Jason Striefel (360) 740-6609
Mark Eiden (360) 740-6605
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