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Fred Meyer community

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“Fred Meyer Stores’ engagement in hunger relief is tireless and Oregon Food Bank is truly grateful for both the support and the partnership. From food reclamation, food drives and distribution center donations, to funds from the Fred Meyer Fund, Customers and employees alike, it all adds up to significant support in hunger relief.” – Laura Golino de Lovato, Director of Development, Oregon Food Bank

“Second Harvest is incredibly honored by Fred Meyer’s continued support for our work to get food to where it’s needed most in the Inland Northwest. Regular food donations through our Grocery Rescue program, very generous financial gifts and employee volunteers for things like our Mobile Food Bank all are ways that Fred Meyer brings hope to the table for the hungry people we serve. Second Harvest can’t thank Fred Meyer enough for their partnership, which helps us feed more than 40,000 of our neighbors in need each week.” – Jason Clark, President and CEO, Second Harvest

Bringing Hope to the Table
From May 27 through June 9, Fred Meyer and its vendors are engaging Customers in our Bringing Hope to the Table campaign. In our stores and ads, Fred Meyer highlights products from several of our best vendor partners. In return, these vendors help us make a donation to our local food banks for each of their products Customers like you purchase! Last year, our Customers and vendors helped us donate more than $190,000 to local food banks throughout the 4 states Fred Meyer serves. Be sure to check our weekly ads to see which vendors are featured each week!

Perishable Donation Program
For nearly a decade, Fred Meyer Stores have taken meat and dairy products that are close to their sell-by dates and donated them to local food banks. Recently, Fred Meyer also added produce to our Perishable Donation Program. This program provides much-needed protein, calcium and nutrients to emergency food boxes while also reducing what we send to local landfills. In 2011, Fred Meyer Stores in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington donated nearly 2.5 million meals. In recent years, this Perishable Donation Program has spread from Fred Meyer to all our sister stores throughout the Kroger network.

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