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 Meet our Executive Team 

Meet our Executive Team

Lynn Gust

Lynn Gust is President of Fred Meyer Stores. From Vancouver, WA, Lynn started his Fred Meyer career in high school, when he joined the Fourth Plain store team as a Parcel Clerk in 1970. He later entered the company’s management program, becoming a Food Manager in 1981. Lynn subsequently held many positions at Fred Meyer, including Training Coordinator, Grocery Buyer, Director of Grocery Sales and Group Vice President of Special Projects. In 1997, he attended the Cornell Food Executive Program. Lynn became Executive Vice President of Corporate Merchandising & Advertising in 2006 and then Vice President of Operations in 2011.

David Deatherage

David Deatherage is Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. He is from St. Joseph, MO, and studied accounting at the University of Southern Colorado. David joined Dillon Companies/Kroger in 1991 as Assistant Controller for the Loaf n’ Jug convenience stores in Colorado. He went on to become Controller for Quick Stop Markets in California, City Markets in Colorado and King Soopers. He joined Fred Meyer in 1999 and was soon promoted to Group Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Molly Malone

Molly Malone is Vice President of the General Group. She studied marketing at the University of Oregon and has more than 30 years experience in apparel and home merchandising and management, including 14 years at Meier & Frank and 10 years at Troutman’s Emporium. Molly began her career with Fred Meyer as the Vice President for Housewares, Toys and Seasonal, then was promoted to General Merchandise Manager of the Apparel Division. She began her current position in 2006.

Ann Reed

Ann Reed is Vice President of Merchandising for Fred Meyer. She began her career with Kroger in 1993 after being recruited right out of college at Ball State University in Indiana. She’s served in numerous leadership positions within the company, including store manager, buyer, category manager, merchandiser, Director of Deli/Bakery and Director of Fresh Ready Meals. Ann was promoted to Vice President of Merchandising for the Fry’s Division in 2010. She’s been in her current role since 2013.

Rick Heffner

Rick Heffner is Vice President of Store Operations for Fred Meyer. Rick began his career at Fred Meyer in Orem, before becoming a Home Assistant Manager at several Utah stores. He became a Store Director in 1998, then was named Regional Food Supervisor for Utah and Idaho in 2001. In 2003 he was named Vice President, Director of Stores for Idaho and Central & Eastern Washington before assuming his current position in 2012.

Jill McIntosh

Jill McIntosh is Vice President of Human Resources for Fred Meyer. Jill began her career with Kroger in 2003 as an attorney in the corporate law department, and in 2008 she joined Kroger Personal Finance as head of money services. In 2009, Jill was promoted to Director, Human Resources and Labor Relations for Corporate Brands and Manufacturing, before being promoted to her current position in 2012. Jill holds a bachelor’s degree from Xavier University and a law degree from University of Toledo.

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