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Donations from your local Fred Meyer Store
Every year, your friends and neighbors who work or volunteer at important non-profit organizations in your community ask your local Fred Meyer Store for donations. In 2011, Fred Meyer responded by donating $940,000 to organizations that work in these focus areas:

• Youth Development: Supporting opportunities for youth to build character, increase self esteem, develop leadership and social skills, and participate in constructive life experiences.
• Hunger Reduction: Reducing hunger and improving nutrition through programs and organizations such as food banks and Meals on Wheels.
• Neighbor to Neighbor: Recognizing other important efforts – sometimes our Associates identify other organizations in their community worthy of support, even though they don’t fit our primary focus areas.

Is your organization eligible?

To be eligible, your organization must be:
• A 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit
• Located in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon or Washington
• Working in one of our focus areas

To request a donation, ask for a donation request form at the Customer Service Desk of your local Fred Meyer Store.

At this time, we do not make donations toward the following:
• Individuals
• Capital campaigns
• Travel expenses
• Projects of sectarian or religious organizations whose principal benefit is for their own members or adherents
• Organizations that discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion, sexual orientation or national origin
• Third-party giving (when an organization requests funds from Fred Meyer and then donates
those funds to another organization)

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