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 Rewards Rebates 

Rewards Rebates

Here's how you use it:

1.When you get your Rewards Rebate Coupon, you'll want to keep it in your purse or wallet because you choose which shopping trip (or trips) to redeem it.
2.When you're ready to redeem, simply have our Associate scan your Rewards Card and Rebate Coupon.
3.Whenever you use your Rebate Coupon, the greatest amount possible will be redeemed for your purchase. Any remaining Rebate amount can be used on another shopping trip, so remember to hold on to your Rebate Coupon.

An example of how your Rebate Coupon works:

Say you have a $25 Rewards Rebate, and you're purchasing $19.15 of Rewards eligible products. Our checkout system will deduct that entire amount – $19.15 – from your Rebate, leaving you $5.85 to use another time.

Questions about Rewards or your Rewards Rebate?

Call us toll-free: 1-866-518-2686, Mon-Fri 5AM-9PM Pacific Time

Didn't receive your Rewards Rebate?

Here's what to do...

Rewards Rebates
Rewards Rebates

Download manufacturers' coupons right to your Rewards Card

Here's an easier way to save. Simply go to, choose the offers you want and load them to your Rewards Card. Then just shop and scan your Rewards Card at checkout to redeem your manufacturer coupon savings. Don't have an online account? It's easy to sign up here

Rewards Rebates

Watch your mailbox for other Rewards offers tailored to the way you shop!

From time to time, you'll receive special mailers filled with recipes, tips and coupons that are tailored to the brands and types of products you tend to shop for. It's just another benefit of using your Fred Meyer Rewards® Card every time you shop!

Rewards Rebates

3 good reasons you should sign up for Rewards Emails:

Exclusive Coupons and other offers for Rewards Customers
Advance Notice of Special Sales & Events
Important Rewards News
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