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 Rewards Plus 

What is Rewards Plus?

As a Rewards Plus Member, you're eligible to receive:

An exclusive Rewards Plus Card
Around November of each year, Fred Meyer notifies a select group of Customers who’ve earned Rewards Plus status for the coming year. A Rewards Plus Member is one of our Very Best Customers, identified based on the amount of shopping done at our store. Each year you earn this special status, you’ll receive a unique Rewards Plus Card. Please use your new card in place of your regular Rewards Card or previous Rewards Plus Card.
Imagine earning money back just for doing your regular shopping.
Exclusive Rewards Plus Coupons via email
Every month, Rewards Plus Members receive 1 or more exclusive coupons via email. These extra offers are just a little way we can say “Thank you!” for being such a great Fred Meyer Customer.
But remember, you must be signed up for Fred Meyer Emails to receive your exclusive Rewards Plus Coupons!
The holiday gift that’s always perfect... a Fred Meyer Gift Card!
As a Rewards Plus Member, you’ll receive a special Fred Meyer Gift Card from us near the holidays. Please use it with our thanks and best wishes to get something special for your holiday celebration or to give away as an extra gift.
Triple Rewards Points offer during your Rewards Anniversary Month
As a Rewards Plus member, you’ll receive a coupon good for Triple Rewards Points on the purchase of your choosing during the month that marks the Anniversary of when you first joined our Rewards program.

Rewards Plus FAQs

Does Rewards Plus affect how I earn Rewards Points, Fuel Points or Rewards Rebates?
No, your Rewards Plus Card works just like your regular Rewards Card, while also signifying you as one of our Most Valuable Customers. And before we send it to you, your new Rewards Plus Card is automatically linked to your existing Rewards Card, so you don't have to do anything to activate it.
How do I get Rewards Plus Exclusive Coupons?
During the year you're designated a Rewards Plus Customer, you'll receive your special Rewards Plus Coupons via email, so be sure to sign up for Fred Meyer Emails today.
When I receive an exclusive Rewards Plus Coupon, how do I redeem it?
Your Rewards Plus Coupon can be redeemed on a future shopping trip simply by presenting it along with your Rewards Plus Card during checkout.
Is my Rewards Plus Card good only during the year shown on the Card?
The year marked on your Rewards Plus Card reflects the year for which you've earned Rewards Plus status and during which you'll receive the benefits that go along with being one of our Most Valuable Customers. A new Rewards Plus Card will be issued to you each year you qualify for Rewards Plus status. You may continue to use any Rewards Plus Card you receive beyond the year marked on it to earn your Rewards Points and Rewards Rebates for shopping at Freddy's.
How do I contact you if I have questions about my Rewards Plus account?
You can call us toll-free at 1-866-518-2686 from 5AM-9PM Pacific Time, Monday-Friday (have your Rewards Plus Card number handy). Or email us at – be sure to include your Rewards Plus Card number in your email.
How do I change the phone number or address on my Rewards Plus account?
You can contact us as detailed in the previous answer. Or you can update most of your account information (except your alternate I.D.) when you log in to your online account.
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