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 Rewards FAQS 

What is Rewards Plus?

How do I sign up for Fred Meyer Rewards?

Just ask any Fred Meyer Cashier or at our Customer Service Desk. You can begin using your new Rewards Card - the one that pays you to shop - and start earning Rewards Points right away!

How do I earn Fred Meyer Rewards Points?

It's easy. Just scan your Rewards Card at checkout, and you'll earn 1 Rewards Point for every $1 you spend at Freddy's* - spend $100, and you'll earn 100 Rewards Points. Or if you scan and pay with a Fred Meyer Rewards® Visa® Card, you'll earn Double Rewards Points - 2 for every $1 you spend at Freddy's!**

Rewards Points are tallied automatically each shopping trip - just check the bottom of your Fred Meyer receipt for a running total or log into your account online to check your total. Please note that when you pay with a Rewards Visa®, the Visa® half of your Double Rewards Points may take up to 5 business days to be added to your balance - so they won't show immediately on your receipt.

How much do I have to spend each week to earn a Rewards Rebate?

If you spend about $40 or more a week at Fred Meyer, that's all it takes to earn a Rewards Rebate each quarter. Just be sure to scan your Rewards Card every time you shop here.

Can I earn Rewards Points or Fuel Points on Prescriptions?

You earn 50 Fuel Points for every eligible prescription you fill at a Fred Meyer Pharmacy. Some exclusions apply for wholly or partially government-funded prescription plans, like Medicare or Medicaid. Prescriptions do not earn Rewards Points.

Why didn't I get a Rewards Rebate last quarter?

A minimum of 500 Rewards Points must be earned each quarter to qualify for a Rewards Rebate. If you earned at least 500 Rewards Points in a quarter and you didn't receive your Rewards Rebate within 8-10 weeks after the quarter ended, please update your mailing address online, or call our Rewards Customer Service Center toll-free at 1-866-518-2686.

In my house, we have 2 different Rewards Cards. How do we combine for 1 Rebate?

Rewards Cards with the same last name and address are automatically linked together. You can also call our Rewards Customer Service Center toll-free at 1-866-518-2686 to have a new card linked to your existing card. A maximum of 10 Rewards Cards can be linked.

Do I need a Rewards Card to get your Sale Prices?

No! The Rewards Program is designed to thank you for doing your regular shopping at Freddy's - it isn't needed to qualify for a certain price like cards at many stores. At Fred Meyer, you pay the lowest price shown on every product whether you use your Rewards Card or not.

Where can I update my information and check out my Rewards totals?

If you already have a Fred Meyer Rewards Card, you can set up your online account and link it to your Rewards Card. You'll be able to update your Rewards Card account information, plus you can check your current totals for Rewards Points and Fuel Points as well as any Rewards Rebate amount from the previous quarter you haven't spent yet.

I forgot my Rewards Card - can I use my phone number instead?

If your 10-digit phone number is linked to your Rewards Card, you can enter it in the keypad at checkout in place of scanning your Rewards Card. To link your phone number to your Rewards Card (or to update your account with a new phone number), just call the Rewards Customer Service Center toll-free at 1-866-518-2686.

I didn't use my Rewards Card on a shopping trip. Can I still earn Rewards Points for my purchases?

Yes. Have your receipt handy and call the Rewards Customer Service Center toll-free at 1-866-518-2686. You can add Points to your Rewards Card for up to 3 months after making a purchase.

I lost my Rewards Card. Can I get a replacement?

Ask any Fred Meyer cashier for an application and a new card. If you fill out a new application and turn it in at the store, Rewards Cards with the same last name and address will automatically be linked. Or you can call the Rewards Customer Service Center toll-free at 1-866-518-2686 to have your new card linked to your old card.

If I used my Rewards Card for a purchase, can I return something without a receipt?

Yes! The next time you need to return something at Fred Meyer, just go to our Customer Service Desk and show your Rewards Card along with the item you're returning. If you scanned your Rewards Card when you paid, we can look-up your purchase and credit back or refund the exact amount you paid. Returns of products from our Home Electronics Department must be made within 30 days of your purchase. Returns of products from all other Fred Meyer departments must be made within 6 months of purchase.

Questions about Fred Meyer Rewards?

You can reach the Rewards Customer Service Center toll free at 1-866-518-2686, Monday through Friday from 5AM-9PM Pacific Time. Please have your Rewards Card handy when you call. Or contact us online here.
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Fred Meyer Rewards Terms & Conditions

* You can accumulate Rewards Points in every department, but some exclusions apply. Excluded are: fuel, prescriptions, tobacco, postage stamps, lottery tickets, Western Union, money orders, transit passes, fees, game licenses, phone activation, sales tax, Ticketmaster and the following gift cards - Fred Meyer, Kroger, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Green Dot and Variable Load Gift Cards. At the end of each Quarterly Rewards Cycle, Rewards Points are tallied and Rewards Rebates are sent to those who qualify. Rewards Points are set to zero at the beginning of each quarter.

**Double Rewards Points at Fred Meyer: Rewards are based on net spend. Net spend is purchases minus credits and returns. Points accumulation excludes Fuel Center purchases, taxes and any purchase prohibited by law. Office services, tobacco, pharmacy and purchases made at Fred Meyer Fuel Centers and other Kroger Family of Stores Fuel Centers do not earn Points. The creditor and issuer of the Fred Meyer Rewards® Visa® card is U.S. Bank National Association, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A., Inc.

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