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 Rewards Details 

What is Rewards Plus?

Earning Rewards Points & Rebates -
Here's How It Works:

It's easy... simply scan your Rewards Card during checkout every time you shop at Fred Meyer or Fred Meyer Jewelers. You'll earn 1 Rewards Point for almost every $1 you spend here.*

Earn 500 Rewards Points in a quarter and you'll receive a Rewards Rebate in the mail about 6 weeks after the quarter ends
(see a calendar of Rewards quarters).

That's up to 4 Rewards Rebates a year, which spend like cash at Freddy's! And along with your Rewards Rebate, you'll also receive several money-saving offers available only to you as a Rewards Customer.

Rewards Visa

Checking Your Rewards Progress is Easy

You can always see how many Rewards Points you've earned in a quarter - just check the bottom of your Freddy's receipt. Or view your Rewards Points, Fuel Points and more on this site, plus update your contact information.

Good News...
Returns are a Snap with Rewards

The next time you need to return something at Freddy's, simply take the item to our Customer Service Desk, and hand them the Rewards Card you used when you made that purchase at Freddy's.

No receipt's needed if you used your Rewards Card when you bought it... we can scan your Card, look up your purchase and credit back or refund the exact amount you paid (for Food, Apparel and Home purchases made within the last 6 months, or for Home Electronics purchases made within the last 30 days).

Rewards Visa

Earn Rewards at Fred Meyer Jewelers

Your purchases of fine jewelry earn Rewards Points and Fuel Points, too!

*You can accumulate Rewards Points in every department, but some exclusions apply. Excluded are: fuel, prescriptions, tobacco, postage stamps, lottery tickets, Western Union, money orders, transit passes, fees, game licenses, phone activation, sales tax, Ticketmaster and the following gift cards - Fred Meyer, Kroger, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Green Dot and Variable Load Gift Cards. At the end of each Quarterly Rewards Cycle, Rewards Points are tallied and Rewards Rebates are sent to those who qualify. Rewards Points are set to zero at the beginning of each quarter.

Rewards Terms & Conditions

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